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December 09, 2021

Native Windows preliminary support (SOCKSv5)

It’s been possible to run the Wireleap client on the WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux), although there are occasional issues which are very hard to reproduce and therefore fix. Additionally, having WSL as a requirement isn’t optimal, and limits future planned features.

The latest client release (0.5.2) now includes a native build for Windows, so no need for WSL. This release includes support for the SOCKSv5 interface (TUN is not yet supported), ported exec scripts for Windows, as well as a powershell convenience installation script.

Comparison between operating systems

install scriptyesyesyes
inline upgradesyesyesyes
socksv5 broker daemonyesyesyes
script execution via execyesyesyes
circuit hops/whitelistyesyesyes
shell completionyesyesno

All other features and commands are supported across the board.


# download, verify and install
powershell -nop -c "iex(New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''); Get-Wireleap -Dir $env:USERPROFILE\wireleap"
cd ~\wireleap

# import accesskeys and start socksv5 broker daemon
.\wireleap import
.\wireleap start

# list available exec commands
.\wireleap exec list

# example exec usage
.\wireleap exec curl URL
.\wireleap exec git clone URL
.\wireleap exec firefox [URL]
.\wireleap exec google-chrome [URL]

For more detailed information, please see the documentation.


common (0.3.0)

  • Replaced usages of path package with filepath.
  • wlnet: Splice now takes a context parameter.
  • Added cli/process for cross-platform process handling.
  • Updated upgrade to support Windows .exe files.
  • Updated commonsub to support Windows.
  • Added dependency.
  • Includes interface versions:
    • clientcontract v0.1.0
    • clientdir v0.2.0
    • clientrelay v0.2.0
    • contractps v0.1.0
    • psauth v0.1.0
    • relaycontract v0.1.0
    • relaydir v0.2.0
    • relayrelay v0.2.0

wireleap (0.5.2)

  • Depends on wireleap/common v0.3.0.
  • Implemented initial Windows support (no reload, no tun).
  • Added Windows exec scripts using batch files.
  • Split into and
  • Added get-windows.ps1 (PowerShell Wireleap installation script).
  • Split exec scripts per OS in the source tree.