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April 07, 2021

Rebranded software suite to Wireleap

The software suite has been renamed to Wireleap. All the code, documentation and infrastructure has been updated to reflect this change, along with some other changes as detailed below.

Please note, this is a backwards incompatible change, so some action may be required:

  • Client: If you’ve been using the old testnet, please download the latest wireleap client and use the new testnet.

  • Relay: If you have a relay enrolled in the old testnet, we recommend stopping the relay daemon, starting fresh with the new wireleap-relay daemon and enrolling in the new testnet.

  • Source code: If you’ve cloned the repository, we recommend cloning from the new location.



  • Rebrand changes:

    • Binary: wireleap
    • Relay URL scheme: wireleap://
    • Embedded assets: wireleap_tun,
    • Filenames:, wireleap.log
    • Filenames:, wireleap_tun.log
    • Script exported envvar: WIRELEAP_SOCKS
    • Target protocol envvar: WIRELEAP_TARGET_PROTOCOL
  • Address configuration changes:

    • socks_addr changed to address.socks (default:
    • h2c_addr changed to address.h2c (default:
    • tun_addr changed to address.tun (default:
  • Essential file changes:

    • pubkey.json replaced with contract.json (full snapshot)


  • Rebrand changes:

    • Binary: wireleap-relay
    • Relay URL scheme: wireleap://
    • Filenames:, wireleap-relay.log
    • Filenames: relay-key.pem, relay-cert.pem
  • Address configuration changes:

    • daemon section deprecated, replaced with address


  • Rebrand changes:

    • Binary: wireleap-contract
    • Filenames: wireleap-contract.log


  • Rebrand changes:

    • Binary: wireleap-dir
    • Relay URL scheme: wireleap://
    • Filenames: wireleap-dir.log


  • Rebrand changes:

    • Binary: wireleap-auth
    • Filenames: wireleap-auth.log
    • Filenames: wireleap-auth.sock


  • Rebrand changes:

    • Config: wireleap-auth


  • Rebrand changes:

    • Config: wireleap-auth
    • Templates: updated to reflect rebrand