Wireleap is a public interest technology with the goal of enabling more access to knowledge and resources on the Internet for more people, no matter where they are. Our mission is to positively impact peoples lives, advance the public interest and benefit the common good.

The technology stack (currently under heavy development, and not yet feature complete) is the result of a lengthy, ethically guided and thoroughly considered research endeavor. The design of which is largely made up of two parts working in synergy:

  1. A decentralized sustainable routing layer on the Internet that enforces net-neutrality based on collateral freedom, compartmentalized liability, increased privacy, and a sound economic model properly incentivizing network participation.
  2. A distributed value transfer protocol solving issues of payments and compensation validity by employing in-band compensation* but with out-of-band payment intermediaries between customers and service providers, defining service parameters, and facilitating with disbursement of funds provided by a customer to service providers proportionally for service provided, based on proof of service.


Here be dragons! Rough sketch, subject to change...

Initial proof-of-concept (Python)

Draft: A Routing Layer on the Internet that Enforces Net-Neutrality

POC implementation of Routing Layer (GoLang)

Draft: A Proportional Share-based Value Transfer Protocol for Distributed Systems

POC implementation of Value Transfer Protocol

Local TestNet, integration tests, unit tests

CI/CD infrastructure, cryptographic signing and checksum hash

MVP client, relay, contract, directory, auth, ps examples

Software and protocol semantic versioning

Contract and Auth double-entry accounting ledgers

Live TestNet (private-invite)

Relay inline upgrades (manual and unattended)

Client multiplexing circuit connections via HTTP/2 transport

Client UDP and TUN device support (Linux)

Relay network usage metrics and configurable data cap

Client inline upgrades (manual)

Pilot site for real-world testing and feedback

Relay claimed, verified and auto-generated metadata

Split monolithic source code repository, release under open source license

Publicly available Live TestNet

3rd party security audits

Finalize papers, peer-review and release publicly

Improve benchmark suite and integrate into CI

Client re-architecture, SDK, and additional circuit selection algorithms

Full client functionality on MacOS, Windows, Android and iOS

The future...